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Primary Teacher Education Programme in Sikkim- Retrospect and Prospect.

    Background :
            Quality education has been the major thrust area in educational development in any country. Modern education system started in Sikkim with the advent of Finish Christian Missionaries. The first school was started by them at Khamdong (Rhenok,) Song, and Lachen in 1880. Later one  Scottish Missionary Rev. W.S Sutherand visited Sikkim in 1883. Another Scottish Missionary Rev.W.Macfarlane visited Sikkim after two years. The Missionaries got official permission to settle only during 1889. The Finish missionaries who had started the schools handed them over to the Scottish Missionaries .By the second half 19th century, thirteen primary schools had been opened at Vok, Rhenock Pakyong Pache Khani, Namthang, Sadam, Turuk, Chakung, Soreng, Dentam Sang and Phambong. The Scottish Missionary, Rev. William Mac-Faralane had started a Training School called “Normal School’  in Darjeeling 1870.  The first Sikkimese Student who was then educated in that ‘Normal School’ was Mr. Apun Luksom
Basic Training Course( Institute) – Temi
       Quality education depends largely on quality of teachers and quality of teachers depends largely on quality of their education and training. Teachers’ Training became an essential agenda of the government of time and the first training Institution was started at Gangtok in 1954   In the initial stage, teacher training course was called Village Teachers Training Course. . Since the Government felt the need of having a trained person to run a training Institute, Shri P.S. Subba who was a teacher at T.N. S.S. Schoool  was deputed to Wardha, Gujarat to undergo  training in Mahatma Gandhi’s Teacher Training Institute at Wardha.  He became the first Sikkimese to have done so and was appointed as the Principal of that Basic Training Institute in 1959.
        The teachers for undergoing the training were drawn from the various schools established at the time.  Both regular government school teachers and Committee School teachers could attend the training  for a period of one year. After the completion of the training course of one full year,the  teacher was awarded a certificate by the Department of Education. Besides,this there was provision for incentives in the form of training allowance of Rs. 10 /- per month.
Pelling T.T.I.:
      The Institution so established continued working till 1959 when it was shifted to a place called Pelling where it was attached to the Pelling Senior Secondary School and under the control of the Principal of that School..  The Institute continued working for some time but due to reasons not known it lay dormant for a few years.
T.T.I. at Gangtok:
     In 1975 the institution was shifted to Gangtok.  Regular courses of teacher training were initiated in the Institute again. After being shifted to many other buildings, the Institution was finally shifted to the present location in 1986 and since then it has been in the same location. Crash Courses forTeachers Training was conducted in 1977-78 to trained all the untrained teahers of time. Till then the State Institute of Education and Teachers
        Training Institute were functioning hand in glove to impart In –Service Training to teachers .  Since 1979 training was conducted for teachers drawn from different schools.