Conducts 2-year D. El. Ed course 


Conducts short term need based in-service training/Workshop especially at primary level to H.Ms, & Primary Teachers.


Conducts Orientation programmes for other functionaries working for teacher education e.g. BRCs, CRCs,  SMCs , Aaganwadi workers ,etc.


Monitors and supervises educational institutions in their jurisdiction.


Extends support for professional development of teacher educators


Develops locally relevant Teaching Learning Materials (TLM), evaluation tools etc.


Develops Training Modules, Curriculum and syllabus for in-service teacher training.


Extend support in writing text books, moderation & evaluation of Questions.


2-year Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed)

The total number of in-service and pre-service teacher trainees undergoing 2-year D.El.Ed. programme at DIET, Gangtok are as under:

School Internship Programme-2012-13


School Internship Programme is one of the important practical components of the course and it is conducted in the 2nd year. During School Internship Programme teacher trainees are sent to different schools in their respective districts to enable them to gain real classroom teaching experience. The faculty of DIET need to visit the schools for monitoring   and evaluation. Last year the programme was conducted for 15 days w.e.f. October 3-20, 2012.
The detail of the School Internship Programme undertaken by the trainees for the year 2012-2013 is as under: 

Details of Short Term In-service training programmes undertaken by DIET-2012-2013

Details of Short Term In-service training programmes undertaken by DIET, East, Gangtok during the year 2012-2013 are as under:

Short Term In-service training programmes to be undertaken by DIET

Short Term In-service training programmes to be undertaken by DIET, East, Gangtok for the financial year 2013-2014 are as under:

Faculty Devlopement


Faculty of  DIET not only conducts programmes but also undergo varieties of training programs at NERIE, Shillong, NCERT, NUEPA, New Delhi to update themselves with the new development  pertaining to teacher education. 
The following tables show the Trainings attended by the faculty of DIET Gangtok during the year 2012-13.

Distance Education Programme


In addition to the above mentioned programmes DIET, Gangtok, is also undertaking Distance Education Programme through IGNOU for D.El.Ed Course for In-service teachers from the year 2013 onwards.
There are around 546 untrained primary teachers appointed after September 2001. In order to clear the backlog, 186 nos. of untrained primary teachers have been enrolled in IGNOU in the year 2011 for the said course. 87 primary teachers have enrolled at DIET, Gangtok and the remaining 99 teachers are enrolled in DRC South Namchi.